The fully automatic dental scanner


Measurement field ( X × Y × Z ) mm

80 × 60 × 85

Camera pixel

1.3 MP

Accuracy (ISO 12836)

up to 6 µm

Sensor technology

Stripe light triangulation with White-Light LED

Measurement time

Complete jaw

Scanning: 19 sec
Matching: 16 sec
Total: 35 sec

Single tooth

Scanning: 32 sec
Matching: 12 sec
Total: 44 sec

3-unit bridge

Scanning: 48 sec
Matching: 25 sec
Total: 73 sec


Dimension ( W × H × D ) mm

360 × 310 × 390


11 kg

Power supply

100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz


2× USB
1× IEC connector

Hardware features

High resolution camera


Fully automated Z-axis

LED status bar

Software features

HR and LR mode

Virtual articulator

Triple Tray® impression scan




Monochrome texture scan

Color texture scan

Universal mode


User software

dental Scan

System requirements (Minimum)

Windows 7 64-Bit
i3 with 4× 3.6 GHz
USB 2.0 Port
40 – 100 GB HDD
Graphics card with 1 GB RAM

System requirements (Recommended)

Windows 10 64-Bit
i7 with 6× 4.7 GHz
USB 3.0 Port
100 – 250 GB SSD
Graphics card with 6 GB RAM

Compatibility with exocad® Dental CAD

Scope of delivery

Shipping box includes

1× scanBox
1× 3D calibration model
1× Flexible object holder incl. adhesive pads
1× Mains cable
2× USB cable
1× Installation data carrier with dental Scan, calibration data and operating manual

The scanBox is a fully automatic 3D dental scanner from smart optics. The modern appearance of the scanner and the space-saving installation dimensions are only the smallest arguments for this model. The scanBox is suitable for all newcomers as well as professional users who want to produce quickly, easily and inexpensively.

The scanBox is particularly interesting for users who have a balanced order volume of crown and bridge techniques (fully anatomical, anatomically reduced and in minimum thicknesses), because the time-saving software module secondDie is part of the basic equipment of the scanBox. The monochrome texture scan, that is also included in the scope of delivery, is suitable for the digitalization of small markings on the models. Accessories such as multiDie, Triple Tray® impression scan and multiCase are optionally available for the scanBox.

With dental Scan, the user gets a scan software that sets no limits thanks to its tidy, easy-to-understand user interface. The available tools enable the user to work quickly, clearly and precisely. Thanks to the universal mode, the scanBox is also a reliable universal scanner. This makes it possible to scan other objects up to the size of the measuring field, an additional function to the daily routine in the dental laboratory. The final 3D models are output by dental Scan in system-open final formats and can therefore easily be processed in various CAD applications. Of course, dental Scan is also fully compatible with the market leader exocad® DentalCAD.

Thanks to its ISO 12836-tested measuring accuracy of 6 μm, you are always safe with the scanBox. The small scanner is a really good investment, because despite the low price, the scanBox with dental scan can be used permanently without license fees. With the scanBox you get the usual quality “Made in Germany” for which smart optics is known.


This manual contains the description of the device components, the general notes on safety and the technical data. You will learn how to operate the scanner and how to handle the accessories. For Information on installing and using the dental Scan software, refer to the Installation manual and User manual. You can find these manuals HERE.

English (1.63 MB)


German (1.71 MB)



English (2.45 MB)


German (2.45 MB)


Software update

Item number: 90059

Update to the current dental Scan version (free within 365 days after purchase of a scanner).

multiDie incl. adhesive pads

Item number: 90349

The multiDie adapter for 12 tooth stump models allows using the multiDie software module (presentation mode) and multiCase (project type).

Triple Tray® Impression scan

Item number: 90340

The holder for Triple Tray® impressions allows using the Triple Tray® software module.

3D-calibration model

Item number: 90073

Industrially measured 3D model for use in calibration. Essential for every scanner. Please re-order in case of loss or damage.

Object holder with screw

Item number: 90298

Object holder for individual, non-articulated jaw models or non-articulated occlusion models. Size-adjustable plate, knurled screw for mechanical mounting. Rubber bands for the fixation of occlusion models are not included in the scope of delivery.

Flexible object holder incl. adhesive pads

Item number: 90291

Flexible object holder for individual, non-articulated jaw models or non-articulated occlusion models. Fixing with adhesive pads. Rubber bands for the fixation of occlusion models are not included in the scope of delivery.

Occlusion clip

Item number: 90242

Secure fixing of non-articulated occlusion models, can only be used in conjunction with the object holder with screw.