dental Scan

All smart optics 3D dental scanners are equipped with the dental Scan scanning software. The technical dental know-how of our experts is included in the development of our scanning software ̵ From practice to practice.
dental Scan – a modern, clean and tidy design. Controls and tools are arranged in a clear and practical way. The 3D viewer offers different views that allow a good overview and thus optimal processing of the scan data. The software also scores points in terms of functionality.

The clearly structured project management system is at the centre of dental Scan. Dental work with extensive dentist’s specifications can be defined just as easily as orthodontic applications or multiCase projects consisting of various individual stumps. Needless to say, projects from external CAD software such as exocad® DentalCAD can be transferred to the scanning software with the corresponding definitions. dental Scan ensures a smooth transfer of the scan data to the dental CAD software.

dental Scan supports whole jaw models and partial models, complete and partial impressions. To digitize the occlusion, whole jaw models can be scanned by means of a simple attachment or in an articulator. Impressions of toothless jaws can also be digitized with dental scan. dental Scan offers its own workflows for special solutions that require special scanner accessories, such as Twin Tray, Triple Tray® or Baltic Denture-System®.

In dental Scan, workflows are guided and accompanied by instructions, so that all work steps can be completed in an effective sequence. A deviation from the guidance for a self-chosen sequence is possible, with just a few exceptions. This allows the quick and comfortable capture of individual tooth positions for completion of the scan data.
Contour lines of different colours, which are important for the production of model cast prostheses, for example, can be digitized by colored texture scans (depending on the scanner); the monochrome texture scan is available for simple markings.

By means of the scanning of articulators, the position data of jaws in occlusion can be scanned condyle-related, saving time and efforts. Auto-articulation even allows the occlusion to be calculated without scanning the physical articulator.

dental Scan has a number of correction functions: Immediately after scanning, the unneeded base area can be removed using the automatic section plane. Additional cutting tools are available for individually selected areas. If a model shows punctual damage, the affected area in the original scan can be replaced by a correction scan after the surface has been cut. The set of correction functions includes rescanning as well as the automatic completion of missing data and the informative addition of global scans.

With the universal scan bonus function, dental Scan creates global scans of objects. Objects the size of the measuring field, outside the dental field, can be digitized effortlessly. As a rule, one scan per object side is sufficient. The scan data are available in common 3D file formats and can easily be further processed and printed using open 3D modelling software.

smart optics constantly improves dental Scan to increase its ease of use and to integrate new functionalities. We recommend all users to benefit from the regularly released upgrades. By the way: From version 3.4.3, all dental Scan upgrades are available free of charge for all previous versions.



dental Scan (*)
Operating systemWindows 10 64-Bit
Processori7 with 6× 4,7 GHz
Connections1× USB 3.0 Port
Hard diskapprox. 100 – 250 GB SSD
Graphic cardmin. 6 GB RAM
* The specifications refer to the latest software version.
dental Scan (*)
Vinyl Open Air
Vinyl High Resolution
Vinyl UXD
* The specifications refer to the latest software version.


All downloads such as manuals, release notes and the latest version of dental Scan can be found in our Download center.