Silent, fast, precise – this is how the Vinyl presents itself. As the first and eponymous model in the series, it is technically characterized by a suitable 1.3 megapixel camera and structured light triangulation with white light LEDs.

Its extensive range of accessories is supplied in a practical hard case. The Vinyl can be closed with a vertically opening lid – dust and stray light don’t stand a chance. Open operation is possible too. Scans can also be started via the touchscreen instead of the software.

The Vinyl – a scanner for all cases.

The Vinyl series

The compact design with the distinctive cube shape is a characteristic feature of smart optics Vinyl scanners. The series owes its name to the large black system plate, strikingly reminiscent of a turntable. Equipped with a fully automatic Z-axis and a user-friendly 180° opening, the dental desktop scanners provide convenient space for all dental objects, from individual segments through jaw models, full and partial impressions (also of toothless jaws) up to articulators of various brands.

Highest quality combined with German engineering, reliability in harmony with longevity – these are the requirements that smart optics accomplishes with the Vinyl Series. Tried and tested LED sensor technology and smart motorization allow high-precision, fast measurements. Technical innovations from our own research as well as the implementation of customer requests ensure that the Vinyl Series evolves constantly to meet the growing demands both of today and the future.

An extensive range of accessories for models and impressions can be added or purchased later for both basic and additional modules. Thanks to the multisplit base plate, which is standard for all smart optics dental scanners, same-system models and articulators do not require any accessories.
It goes without saying that all Vinyl scanners are supplied with the powerful dental Scan software – including interfaces to prestigious industry software, first and foremost exocad DentalCAD. In conjunction with the open dental Scan system, Vinyl scanners offer another advantage by working not only as first-class dental scanners, but also as clever universal scanners for objects within the size of their measuring field.



Measurement field (X×Y×Z)80 × 60 × 85 mm
Camera pixel1,3 MP
Accuracy6 µm (according to ISO 12836)
Sensor technologyStripe light triangulation with White-Light LED
Complete jawScanning: 16 sec
Matching: 13 sec
Total: 29 sec
Single toothScanning: 33 sec
Matching: 8 sec
Total: 41 sec
3-unit bridgeScanning: 45 sec
Matching: 22 sec
Total: 67 sec
Dimension (W×H×D)455 × 430 × 420 mm
Weight23 kg
Power supply100 – 240 V AC 50/60 Hz
Connections1× USB
1× IEC connector
Warranty36 months
High resolution camera
Fully automated Z-axis
LED status bar
HR and LR mode
Virtual articulator
Triple Tray® impression scan
Monochrome texture scan
Color texture scan
Universal mode
User softwaredental Scan
System requirements (Minimum)Windows 7 64-Bit
i3 with 4× 3,6 GHz
USB 2.0 Port
40 – 100 GB HDD
Graphics card with 1 GB RAM
System requirements (Recommended)Windows 10 64-Bit
i7 with 6× 4,7 GHz
USB 3.0 Port
100 – 250 GB SSD
Graphics card with 6 GB RAM
Compatibility with exocad® Dental CAD
Shipping box includes1× Vinyl
1× Mains cable
1× USB cable
1× Accessory case*
*Accessory case includes1× 3D calibration model
1× Object holder with screw
1× Flexible object holder incl. adhesive pads
1× multiDie adapter incl. adhesive pads
1× Triple Tray® impression holder
1× Installation data carrier with dental Scan, calibration data and operating manual




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2,77 MB


2,77 MB