Individuality as a recipe for success

Nearly all of our competitors offer their respective products in the same way on the global markets. Individual wishes are hardly ever taken into account. For retailers this means that they are barely able to differentiate themselves from other providers of the same product and that, in the end, only the price is the decisive factor.

Individualization of the products, on the other hand, creates a unique selling feature and enables a positive differentiation from other competitors in the sale of the products.

For this reason, we have been developing individual variants of our standard products for our OEM partners for many years, and thus actively support our partners’ commercial success.

Individual product configurations can be realized in the design, material and colour of the housings of our scanners and in the appearance of the software.
In addition, we also develop individual functions for our partners.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of OEM we are now also able to take into account the requirements of OEM manufacturing in every new product development. For example, for all products it is now just as simple to realize individual housing shapes.
Our manufacture is also optimally equipped for the OEM business. Already today we offer our clients a wide range of different OEM variants of our products.

If you are interested in individualized versions of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are also able to offer individual solutions for smaller purchase orders.