Today is World Hearing Day. In recent weeks, we have provided you with information about hearing, because the sense of hearing is important and worth protecting.

In the Corona era, many have experienced through the wearing of everyday and medical masks how much harder everyday life can be when some sense has to work in a limited way – for example, the sense of sight through the fogging of glasses. The sense of hearing, on the other hand, has to work harder. Wearing a face mask makes it much more difficult for the other person to correctly classify what is being said.

Science claims that when we speak, we convey 60 to 80 percent of the information nonverbally, i.e., through facial expressions, gestures, etc. Thanks to the sense of hearing, this is still possible without seeing all parts of the face. Our hearing can detect and categorize changes and patterns in the voice. Our hearing is currently under greater strain, so it makes sense to do your hearing some good. Here are some professional tips:

Pay attention to volume!
Noise can negatively affect hearing in the long run. It is irrelevant whether the noise is disturbing or whether we like it. If the noise cannot be avoided, hearing should be protected.

Clean correctly!
Cotton swabs are taboo for the inner ear. Places that the little finger reaches, on the other hand, are okay. Everything else cleans the ear itself.

Be aware of ambient sounds!
Train your hearing like a muscle. To do this, simply close your eyes in the forest and look only with your ears. In time, more and more sounds will become perceptible.

Healthy lifestyle!
Physical activity can help delay age-related hearing loss. By the way, smokers are more likely to experience hearing loss than non-smokers. Therefore, live a health-conscious lifestyle.

Medical check-up!
Age-related hearing loss is a gradual process. A regular hearing test should therefore be on your health checklist.