Vinyl High Resolution available now

2020-01-31T07:39:13+01:0031. October 2018|

Now available! You already know the shiny, dark case, but we have further improved the scan technology. Take a closer look at our most accurate scanner: Vinyl High Resolution. The high-resolution camera offers highest performance. With a measuring accuracy of 4 µm (according to ISO 12836) you get extremely precise scan results in both global [...]

Big release on Halloween

2020-01-31T07:37:49+01:0025. October 2018|

It´s getting dark, grey fog is passing through the streets. Zombies and demons are knocking on our doors – goosebumps and tension are spreading. “Trick or treat” is the motto. Just in time for Halloween, our “Bad Boy” will break free from its shackles. Our new 3D dental scanner is not only scarily beautiful, but [...]

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