µicro Scanspray

Every 3D scanning system is individual, so smart optics has the ideal scanspray for its 3D scanners in its portfolio, the µicro Scanspray.

The greatest challenge during scanning is the precise measuring of reflective objects. In combination with the µicro Scanspray 3D scanners from smart optics achieve the highest possible accuracy. The µicro Scanspray contains extremely small matting particles. The light spray lays with less than 1-3 µm on the scan object and enables the smart optics 3D scanners to capture it perfectly.

At a uniform spray layer minimum reflections are no challenge for smart optics scanners. Conventional 3D scanners and scan sprays reach their limits here. With the workflow defined by smart optics users can digitize any indication.

  • Matting models
  • Powder layer < 1-3 µm
  • The extremely fine spray head enables uniform and thin application
  • Specially developed for precise scanning of all indications with
    smart optics 3D scanners
  • µicro Scanspray is part of the workflow defined smart optics

  • Quality “Made in Germany“


Filling quantity and spraying time

µicro ScansprayOther manufacturer
Spraying time (sec)670250


Safety Data Sheet