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Getting started

In this chapter, we’ll show you what to do before you can start scanning.

Unpacking Vinyl

This video is about unpacking the Vinyl dental scanner. Which tools we recommend and how best to open the package, you will learn after clicking the play button.

Duration 3:23 min


In this chapter, we present the basic principles of scanning with Vinyl dental scanner. When you master the basics, you are ready to achieve the best results. For beginners, we recommend watching a video from start to finish first. When you repeat the video you should follow the steps with your Vinyl.

How to scan Twin Tray

Here’s how to do a Twin Tray scan step by step.

Duration 3:30 min

How to scan Baltic Denture

How to scan Baltic Denture with a Vinyl scanner? The answer is in this video.

Duration 2:42 min

How to scan with an articulator

In this video, you will learn how to perform an articulator scan. Our expert will go through all the steps. You should also pay attention to the text inserts that provide you with additional information.

Duration 3:37 min

How to do a Triple Tray® impression scan

Take a look at how our expert makes a step by step impression scan using the original Triple Tray® equipment. As well as the video, also pay attention to the text inserts that provide additional information.

Duration 3:18 min

Real-time scans

In this chapter, we show you various scan workflows in the interplay of the Vinyl with the latest scanning software dental Scan 3. The videos have been filmed in real time and the embedded timer shows you the exact time of the scanning process.

Complete jaw articulator scan

In this video, our expert will show you how a complete jaw articulator scan works with the Vinyl and dental Scan 3.

Duration 4:05 min

Triple Tray® impression scan

Look at a Triple Tray® impression scan in real-time.

Duration 4:53 min

Automatic multiDie scan (1-3 units)

How the multiDie scan works, if you want to scan one, two or three units, you can see here in this real-time video.

Duration 2:13 min

Automatic multiDie scan (4-12 units)

In this video our expert shows the multiDie scan with four or more units, of course in real-time.

Duration 4:23 min