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Hightech tools for high precision artisans
exocad DentalCAD is the tool for every dental technician who wants to be part of the future in digital dentistry. Already the standard version of our software covers a wide variety of indications, making it an attractive choice both for expert users and newcomers in the dental CAD field. The strength of exocad DentalCAD is its simplicity. There is no point in creating software that makes your job harder, so it doesn’t. Even for first-time users, it’s extremely logical and easy to use, because the software emulates the analog work of a dental technician.

Easy to learn
To digitally design a restoration has never been as easy and accessible – without the steep learning curve of the past. This will help you minimize training costs, and maximize productivity and profits. exocad DentalCAD is reliable and robust even when dealing with complex cases on a daily basis.

Easy to upgrade
Expand your exocad DentalCAD standard version according to your needs. exocad add-on modules enhance the feature-set of the standard version. This module system allows great flexibility and you can purchase just what you need or omit what you don’t, making it a very attractive economic proposition. However once you have tried the addon modules we feel you will want to have them all and use them every day.

A perfect partnership
exocad DentalCAD works perfectly with all the dental scanners from smart optics. Convince yourself of the precision, attention to detail and speed of exocad DentalCAD in combination with a scanner of your choice. For details, click here.

Implant Module

Custom abutments and Screw-retained bridges

Bar Module

Standard bars and Complex bars

Model Creator

Create physical models

Bite Splint Module

Therapeutic night guards

Provisional Module

Temporary crowns and bridges

Partial Framework Module

Partial framework design

TruSmile Technology

Realistic rendering of dental restorations in real-time

Virtual Articulator

Dynamic occlusion

Jaw Motion Import

Jaw Motion Import

DICOM Viewer

Visualization of voxel data from CT machines

Full Denture Module

Full dentures

Tooth Library

Extensive library of natural teeth

The following system requirements are recommended by smart optics

  • Windows 10 64-BIT
  • Quadcore CPU, i7
  • 16 GB RAM
  • USB 2.0/3.0 Port
  • Approx. 80 – 150 GB free hard disk space
  • Graphics card with 2.056 MB RAM

Installation Guide exocad® DentalCAD: exocad® DentalCAD and dental Scan are an excellent team. Learn how to install the software in this guide

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