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aural Scan


In this chapter, we present the basic principles of aural scan. When you master the basics, you are ready to achieve the best results. For beginners, we recommend watching a video from start to finish first. When you repeat the video you should follow the steps in the software.

3D calibration

This video explains how to use 3D calibration and where to retrieve the protocols.

Duration 2:29 min

Axes calibration

This calibration can be performed without an optional calibration body. How exactly? You can see that in this short video.

Duration 1:39 min

Installation of aural scan and connection to Noah

How to install aural Scan and how to connect to Noah? It is easier than expected!

Duration 2:23 min

Start scan from Noah

How to start a scan from aural scan is already well documented. But how does the workflow work with Noah? Here is the answer.

Duration 1:50 min