The new user software aural Scan has a modern and structured design. A very special factor is the time! The user gets useful features that simplify the workflow and save valuable time. With the new features of aural Scan, smart optics meets the growing demands and the tightly timed working routine of users. Thanks to close contact with customers, many of the industry’s needs have been taken into account, making the software the perfect partner for all smart optics audiology scanners.

Barcode scanner
aural Scan supports barcode scanners for duo Scan, duo Scan Touch and ds Production. After scanning the barcode, the software automatically starts the scan process. The existing case number is then automatically entered into aural scan, even two different cases can be read in with the barcode scanner.

Direct Scan
With the Direct Scan feature, the scan starts immediately and saves the intermediate step to confirm another window. The file name is automatically generated with a time stamp.

Hotkey Support
The use of stored key combinations ensures faster work.

Insertion of user instructions
The insertion of situation-dependent user instructions gives the user optimized help in dealing with aural scan. The user interface is designed so that the most important tools are always available to the user.
The function of starting the scanner directly from NOAH remains in aural Scan, thanks to the Noah interface.

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