BOCHUM – For the first time smart optics starts the global “2 for 1” campaign, which runs until 31 December of this year. End users are given the opportunity of purchasing the popular hardware and software modules multiDie / multicase and Triple Tray® Impression Scan for the price of a Triple Tray® Impression Scan module. This offer applies for the purchase of a new scanBox, Activity 885 Mark 2, Activity 885 and Activity 855. For existing scanners of the models mentioned, the use of modules is only possible in conjunction with the new dental Scan 3.0 Software as the modules are not supported by the Activity Software. For those wishing to benefit from the promotion, it is possible to purchase an update of the dental Scan 3.0. The latest Vinyl 3D scanner is supplied with the dental Scan 3.0 and already includes the mentioned features in the scope of delivery.

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