dental Scan ist die aktuelle Anwendersoftware für die Dentalscanner scanBox, Vinyl Open Air, Vinyl, Vinyl High Resolution, Activity 885 Mark 2, Activity 885 und Activity 855. Sie wollen mehr über die Software erfahren? Dann klicken Sie HIER.

Unter welchen Voraussetzungen kann ich auf die aktuellste Version updaten?
  • Sie können das kostenfreie Update installieren und die aktuellste Version von dental Scan nutzen, sofern Sie Ihren Dentalscanner von smart optics innerhalb der letzten 365 Tage gekauft haben.

  • Sie können das kostenfreie Update installieren und die aktuellste Version von dental Scan nutzen, sofern Sie innerhalb der letzten 365 Tage bereits ein Software-Update gekauft haben.

  • Sollte keine der Bedingungen auf Sie zutreffen, können Sie das kostenfreie Update zwar installieren, die Software wird aber nicht starten. Für den Erwerb eines gültigen Aktivierungscodes setzen Sie sich bitte mit einem unserer Fachhändler in Verbindung.

Sie wollen dental Scan testen?

dental Scan kann nur mit einem gültigen Aktivierungscode betrieben werden. Das gilt sowohl für die Vollversion als auch für die 30-Tage-Testversion. Dieser Download-Link alleine ist nicht ausreichend, um die Software als Demo-Version zu starten. Um Zugang zur 30-Tage-Testversion zu erhalten kontaktieren Sie bitte Ihren Fachhändler. Sollte kein Fachhändler für Sie zuständig sein, können Sie HIER das Formular für die Bestellung einer 30-Tage-Testversion ausfüllen und abschicken.

Wo finde ich die Anleitungen zu dental Scan?

Für dental Scan stehen eine Installationsanleitung und eine Benutzeranleitung zur Verfügung. Informationen zu Ihrem Scanner finden Sie in der jeweiligen Betriebsanleitung. Sie können alle Anleitungen HIER einsehen und herunterladen.

Release notes (in englischer Sprache)
Release notes for dental Scan release v3.2

smart optics is pleased to present a new software update for its scanner software dental Scan. This update is released for the following devices:

  • scanBox
  • Activity 885
  • Activity 885 Mark 2
  • Vinyl / Vinyl Open Air
  • Vinyl High Resolution

By updating on version 3.2 you will benefit from all corrections and improvements described below.

Following features were added or updated:

  • Added “Visual Z-Axis Control” to choose scan height using the camera live view
  • Added “Impression Mode” for full arch impressions
  • Added support of “BalticDenture” scan workflow
  • Added „Twin Tray Fast Mode“ which allows the user to scan the vestibular view and the single Twin Tray segments using only two steps
  • Added new “IndepenDent Mode” which allows a flexible workflow
  • Added a new simplified “Orthodontics Mode”
  • Added support for “Articulator ArtexCN” which can be used with exocad Scan mode “Two Stone Models in Articulator A”
  • Added support for “Articulator SAM3” which can be used with exocad Scan mode “Two Stone Models in Articulator S”
  • Articulation can now be restarted via the delete matching button in the vestibular tab without the need for a new scan
  • New setting to disable automatic cutting of “MultiDie / MultiCap” tabs
  • New setting to additionally output meshes with custom axes transformations
  • New setting to change colour of rescan shadow
  • New Setting for filtering and improving pencil marks
  • Added support of “Strategy_custom.xml” for defining custom scan strategies
  • Added suggestion of possible scan modes for the user when dental scan is started via exocad
  • Added function to convert older projects to newer sop-file standard when they are loaded
  • Added Function to Inform user if a project was created with an older software version
  • Demo devices will be recognized by the software and display a “Demo-Unit” overlay inside the 3D viewer
  • Added support for “Single Denture” projects for upcoming exocad versions


  • Scan Mode is no longer preselected if more than one scan mode is possible when dental scan is started via exocad
  • “Reference Move” will now be performed on software start-up
  • PCM filename for “Impression / Twin Tray” now contains jaw information
  • Updated PGR camera driver to
  • Updated layout of the project dialog
  • Calibration is now only forced after software installation. Calibration notification will be thrown after 30 (instead of 14) days and is no longer forced
  • “Twin Tray / Impression” scan modes can now only be selected if the indication allows it
  • Deactivated user triggered matching for fully automated scan modes like “Twin Tray / Impression” scan modes
  • Additional scans in universal projects now also preselect the spacer plate like the first scan
  • Scan workflow of “Impression / TwinTray” projects is now also continued and confirmed by changing a scan tab
  • Repeating the “TripleTray” registration is now disabled. Registration will be reset if lower or upper jaw will be re-done or edited
  • Storing of viewer files will now performed in dedicated subfolder called „temp“ for “Impression / TwinTray” projects
  • Relation of “Arcitculator SAM1/2” has changed to exocad Scan mode “Two Stone moldes in Articualtor S (legacy)”
  • Tooth definition colour in project overview panel for antagonist jaws, full arches and vestibular scans now will be shown
  • PCM files will now be cleaned up when repeating or finishing / closing “Impression / TwinTray” projects
  • Setting “Include patient name in project name” will now also includes Universal Mode


  • Fixed start of Universal mode if preparation was defined before
  • Fixed angled position of wedge axis if Setting “Move to tooth presentation position” was set
  • Fixed restart of meshing process for finalized projects, if PLYs have been manually deleted from project folder
  • Fix behaviour of Setting “Always enter rescan mode”
  • Fixed displacement of PCM after articulator scan
  • Fixed “Service Position” after leaving rescan mode
  • Fixed incorrect registration after repeating the upper jaw in a finished “Triple Tray” project
  • Fixed camera timing issues caused by “CPU Idle State” during 3D / 2D-Scans and live view processes


  • Removed entries “CompleteJaw” and “Skip presentation” from “Default presentation mode” in settings dialog
  • Removed blockage of scan mode “Two models in occlusion” in combination with indication “Full denture” for future exocad versions

Minor bug fixes

  • Added new feature „HR scanning“
  • Added new feature „Cutting plane“
  • Added option to scan mush bite first.
  • Added variable workflow to turn HR mode on and off during scanning for Vinyl High Resolution.
  • Added new feature „Universal Mode“
  • Added option to manually choose an enhanced scan strategy in insert dialog of global scans
  • Added workflow for scanning movement markers
  • Added additional scan for scan projects
  • Added new feature „Combine mesh“
  • Added request if project definition has changed
  • Added setting for default project mode
  • Added articulator-specific scan strategies and elevator axis heights for aesthetic plate scan
  • Added option to use patient name in projectfolder
  • Improved edge sharpness for smart optics scanners
  • Improved scanning of darker scanbodys
  • Triple Tray® registration bugfix for Activity 855
  • bugfix for Activity 855 multiDie presentation mode
  • Supports the calibration of former scanBox models
  • More small bug fixes
  • Introduced new time saving possibility to finalize a project right after Vestibular/Fixator/Articulator Scan
  • Corrected problem when Fixator and Articulator scans are both used. Now the Matching process will never start automatically when an articulator is scanned.
  • More small bug fixes
  • Improvement of ARTICULATOR ScanMode
  • Correction of finalizing project behavior
  • Improvements of the MultiViewRegistration
  • More small bug fixes
  • Supports the calibration of scanBox
  • Correction of the 2D scan crash
  • Improvements of the MultiViewRegistration
  • More small bug fixes
  • Supports „Korean“ language
  • Improvement of the TripleTray surface
  • More small bug fixes