aural Scan ist die aktuelle Anwendersoftware für die Audiologie-Scanner mono Scan, duo Scan, duo Scan Touch und ds Production.

Unter welchen Voraussetzungen kann ich auf die aktuellste Version updaten?
  • Sie können das kostenfreie Update installieren und die aktuellste Version von aural Scan nutzen, sofern Sie Ihren Audiologie-Scanner von smart optics innerhalb der letzten 365 Tage gekauft haben.

  • Sie können das kostenfreie Update installieren und die aktuellste Version von aural Scan nutzen, sofern Sie innerhalb der letzten 365 Tage bereits ein Software-Update gekauft haben.

  • Sollte keine der Bedingungen auf Sie zutreffen, können Sie das kostenfreie Update zwar installieren, die Software wird aber nicht starten. Für den Erwerb eines gültigen Aktivierungscodes setzen Sie sich bitte mit uns oder einem unserer Fachhändler in Verbindung.

Sie wollen aural Scan testen?

aural Scan kann nur mit einem gültigen Aktivierungscode betrieben werden. Das gilt sowohl für die Vollversion als auch für die 30-Tage-Testversion. Der Download-Link alleine ist nicht ausreichend, um die Software als Demo-Version zu starten. Um Zugang zur 30-Tage-Testversion zu erhalten kontaktieren Sie bitte Ihren Fachhändler. Sollte kein Fachhändler für Sie zuständig sein, können Sie HIER das Formular für die Bestellung einer 30-Tage-Testversion ausfüllen und abschicken.

Wo finde ich die Anleitung zu aural Scan?

Für aural Scan steht Ihnen eine Betriebsanleitung zur Verfügung, die sowohl die Bereiche Softwareanwendung und Hardwarebedienung abdeckt. Sie finden diese auf der jeweiligen Unterseite Ihres Scanners: mono Scan, duo Scan, duo Scan Touch oder ds Production

Download (Aktuelle Version: 276 MB)
Release notes (in englischer Sprache)
Release notes for aural Scan Release v3.1

smart optics is pleased to present a new software update for its scanner software aural Scan. This update is released for the following devices:

  • mono Scan
  • duo Scan
  • duo Scan Touch
  • ds Production
  • free Stage

By updating on version 3.1 you will benefit from all corrections and improvements described below.


  • Configurable automatic rotation of mesh after completion of matching process
  • New translations
  • 3D Calibration including protocol saved in „C:/Scans/ Calibration“ after validation.
  • Support of the new audiology scanner „freeStage“
  • Added support tool „ActivityKalibration“ to the installation directory
  • Added new XML attributes to define STL RGB values for 3Shape CAD software

The 3D-calibration is an additional feature and is only possible with a special calibration object offered by smart optics.


  • Changed „Scan Object Tone“ categories with more practical orientation to material color
  • Allow parallel installation of „duoScan“ and „aural Scan
  • Improved CLI command environment at software start-up
  • Full commit hash is now available in About dialog
  • Disable Touch Screen for Calibration dialogs
  • The installer now deletes ‚Settings.xml‘ during installation
  • Improved confidence settings based on v2.8.1


  • The Finish key could be activated twice
  • Duo Scan Touch is detected in the title bar
  • „Move to Service“ was not called when „Scan Again“ was enabled.


  • Panel „About 3DV_Control“ after double click next to text box
Release notes for aural Scan Release v3.0

smart optics is pleased to present a new software update for its scanner software aural Scan. By updating on version 3.0 you will benefit from all corrections and improvements described below.
This update is released for the following devices:

  • mono Scan
  • duo Scan
  • duo Scan Touch
  • ds Production

This software version only fully supports English and German in this release.

New to aural Scan 3.0 Scan software

  • Support of duo Scan Touch
  • New modern GUI design with integrated user-hints to guide the user through the software.
  • Scan can be started without naming and will generate a time stamp, which can be renamed at any time.
  • New Setting to limit the minimum und maximum characters for naming
  • Text box will be red highlighted if a name will not fulfill the requirements.
  • Text box will be highlighted if name is empty or already exists
  • Barcode Scanners can be used for naming and if a barcode will be scanned, the scan process will be started immediately
  • New Hotkey “Enter” to Start scan and “Tab” to switch between the text boxes
  • New Submenu inside the textboxes for cut, copy and paste


  • Added support of new duoScan Touch
  • Added function to allow direct scan start and enabled naming during scan process
  • Added „freedom of choice“ for „Follow-up strategy“ inside Settings menu
  • Added new GUI design for the Audiology Software
  • Added workflow for instant scanning if barcode is scanned using a barcode scanner
  • Added commands „Copy“ „Cut“ and „Paste to menu of right mouse key if users click into the text box
  • Added function to bypass unsupported characters in text box including automatic monitoring of filename
  • Added new settings menu and cleaned up tabs Changed
  • Harmonized language menus of „Installer“ & „Software Settings“
  • Modified size of Settings dialog for French language
  • Improved undo of Cutting Tools
  • Renamed setting „Move reduced“ to “Show point cloud when mesh is moved“
  • Changed colour of rescan to match to new GUI
  • Renamed Setting „Saving Images“ and implemented saving of more support files.
  • Changed installer and product name to „aural Scan 3.0“
  • Improve overall handling of text boxes and file names
  • Changed setting „object scan tone – dark“ to improve scanning of pink silicone
  • Scanner installer tool‘ now supports .NET Framework 4


  • Fixed buggy undo of Cutting Tools
  • Fixed problem where settings Thinning and Smoothing had impact on axes calibration
  • Fixed problem where empty folders will be dropped in %localappdata%
  • Fixed problem where software cannot find scanner because comport 0 was missing in settings.xml
  • Fixed problem where „Rescan mode“ remained active if „finish work“ button was activated
  • Fixed problem where undo of cutting tools was no longer available after rescan was matched.
  • Fixed problem where “Cutting tools“ and „Hole filling“ stayed active if „Rescan mode“ was started
  • Fixed problem where system setting „Minimum/MaximumScanFileNameLength“ had no function.
  • Fixed problem where various old files remained in temp folder
  • Fixed problems of Software freezes after several measurements in a row
  • Fixed a problem where a dot in the file name caused a forced file extension.


  • Removed setting “Sound by action“
  • Removed setting “Ask for matching on scan data“
  • Removed setting “Always do matching on scan data“
  • Removed relation of Setting „Thinning“ to confidence calculation
  • Removed „Application is stating“ text on start-up splash screen
  • Removed Setting „Delete scan data on exit“
  • Removed axis calibration in rescan mode
Important note:
If you use the FTP-Upload feature make sure to activate the setting “Show FTP upload dialog after the measurement” to use the module.
Due to the newest enhancements it is necessary to use the setting.


  • Default setting for „Bottom cutting filter“ was set from 9 to 5 to receive better results.
  • Installer now supports Romanian language.
  • Double-clicking the software icon in standby mode maximizes software now.
  • Integrated missing auto-standby mode for „Load File“ function in combination with Noah System.
  • Removed the limitation to 64 characters of the output path in combination with Noah System.
  • Integrated missing translations for the network disconnection dialog.
  • Integrated new camera driver to support future camera classes.
  • Using network drives as export directory is now available.

Bug fixes:

  • Measurement dialog had to be aborted twice in mono Scan.
  • If setting „Use the same name for the left and right ear cast“ was enabled a single measurement was not possible.
  • Sometimes FTP-Upload did not work if the software was opened for the first time.
  • Sometimes “Scan again” caused a software crash in mono Scan.
  • 3D-Objects had to be turned to be able to finish the matching process.
  • With some former audiology scanners, the firmware could not be identified properly.
  • Output path was limited to 64 characters in combination with Noah System.
  • FTP upload had to be aborted to authorize auto-standby in combination with Noah System.
  • Output path was deleted when the network connection was lost.
  • Sometimes Software crashed when editing 3D-data in viewer mode in combination with Noah System.
  • Software crashed when activating the FTP upload in combination with Noah System.
  • Improved scan workflow leads to reduced scan time
  • Supporting our newest audiology scanner hardware possibly leads to additional reduction of scan time
  • implementation of new Point Grey camera driver